Bucks Learning Academy (BLA) is a Pennsylvania Department of Education licensed private and special education school ranging from grades 9-12. BLA programs focus on staff, students, family, and representatives from outside schools and agencies, working closely together as a fully integrated team to identify and provide the proper atmosphere in which a student with special needs can thrive. We regularly work with child study teams and other outside agencies and professionals to determine, develop, and oftentimes tailor-make the best program and milieu necessary to suit the needs of the individual student with special challenges. Feel free to explore our online site and contact us should you have any questions.
"Thanks so much for making this school possible and giving us all opportunities that were unheard of"

"Thanks to the counselors and teachers for always being someone that I could come to when I was struggling, and pushing me to achieve my fullest potential even though I might have been a pain sometimes, they never gave up on me"

"I have had some time to find myself and to get myself focused on other things then what I was beginning to be involved in. I am excited to go back to my High School successfully, I plan to start a new leaf and earn back the respect that I have lost."

"Throughout my time away from my High School at BLA I have learned a lot. Most kids learn math, science, english, and so on. I did the same. I learned something more than just academics. I learned about life, dealing with confrontation in a positive way, dealing with stress and anger, and how to be a productive part of society"

"During my time here I realized my impulse issues and have been addressing them. I also took this opportunity to counteract my poor academic performance in school during my 10th and 11th grade"

"My time spent here at BLA has taught me a lot. I have learned a lot of academics, but the most important thing I've learned is a life lesson. I won't be the person I was before"

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